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Tommy Hilfiger Taps Activist Jameela Jamil For Online Body Neutrality Course

The FutureLearn collaboration underscores how creating a better future begins with creating the best versions of ourselves.

Tommy Hilfiger has started providing a free online course centered around body neutrality, the idea that we can exist without having to think too much about our bodies (whether positively or negatively), and challenging body image stereotypes. Hosted by body neutrality activist, Founder of the inclusive I Weigh movement and writer Jameela Jamil, the meaningful, socially focused two-week course is available on the online learning platform, across mobile, tablet and computer devices.

The body neutrality programme aiming to inspire change by designing and creating access to a unique portfolio of social impact educational courses offers a mixture of storytelling, dialogue, new social knowledge and progress celebrations. One of its greatest advantages is that it is flexible, with users benefiting from being able to complete it at their own pace.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Instagram page quotes Jamil saying, “My vision for the future is a world without shame, and I continue to try to understand and find ways to destigmatise it in everything that I do.”

The first week includes the introduction to the main course topics. And as well as sharing her personal connection to body neutrality, the British Jamil reveals her hopes for the future, particularly around the ubiquitous practice of airbrushing. The final part of this section then looks into how the week’s learnings can be applied in daily life.

During the initial stage of the second week, users are encouraged to reflect and prepare for the second half of the course. Jamil, also known for acting, radio presenting and modelling, explains the importance of self-talk and looks at some of the greatest challenges we face today, including height and weight discrimination in schools. The 34-year-old also discloses how to best combat these challenges and reviews the impact they have on our daily lives. In addition, Jamil speaks to specific ways to thwart the negative programming society has been conditioned with and explores how to take action within your own life and communities. And while wrapping up, the multi-hyphenate commited to creating positive change gives a final summary and shares resources you can use to further broaden your understanding of body neutrality.

To fully equip users with the tools and understanding needed to drive social change, the brand renowned for bringing to life the classic American cool spirit has designed four additional FutureLearn courses. Launching in the coming months, they are focused on sustainability and community building. Through the FutureLearn platform, which is transforming education with its meaningful course material and making online learning enjoyable and accessible, users will have a safe space to explore diverse experiences, share their personal dreams and unique challenges. As well as the courses, Tommy Hilfiger will be giving a series of live talks on its global social channels to provide additional short form, snackable life hacks. Friends and followers of the brand are invited to join the conversation on social media using @TommyHilfiger and #TommyHilfiger.

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