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Listen to Saudi Arabia's First English Podcast

The Mo Show Podcast is where it's at.

Saudi showjumper Dalma Malhas on the Mo Show Podcast

Day by day, podcasts are getting more popular, and we are happy to get our hands (and our ears) on The Mo Show Podcast. Founded by Mo Islam, Saudi Arabia's first English podcast dives into the lives of people in the Kingdom and deconstructs misconceptions around the country and the region.

Leading Saudi female trailblazers across industries and entrepreneurs come on Mo's show to talk about their personal journeys, inspirations, and of course, Saudi Arabia.

"I signed up for a masterclass course in podcasting, watched a few YouTube clips related to the industry. Invested in equipment needed to get started and then called up two of my closest friends and asked if they would be up for a pilot," wrote Mo Islam on his website, talking about how The Mo Show started out. 

The host has had brilliant guests with the likes of showjumper Dalma Malhas, engineer Rawan Alabdulhadi, art director and climber Raha Moharrak and many others. You can catch the podcast here

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