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Saudi Arabia Encourages The Delightful Sport Of Golf

Saudi Arabia launched a new initiative introducing educational and interactive programs to garner interest in golf amongst young people and adults, and improve their skills. It was announced following the European Tour’s third Saudi International powered by SoftBank Investment Advisers held between 3rd – 7th February 2021 at the Royal Greens Golf and Country Club in King Abdullah Economic City.

Part of the new National Sustainability Strategy alongside the Green Agenda and the Economic Agenda, the initiative falls under the umbrella of the Social Agenda, and its golf program will provide complimentary memberships and lessons, along with internships and other means to develop skills further.

The free membership to Golf Saudi includes a digital introduction to the sport, an education pack that offers seminars outlining the key components of golf for new players, and all are led by a certified Golf Saudi coach.

Members will also have access to an on-course induction session and the opportunity to play a full round of 18 holes.

Experienced golfers are also welcome, and one of the first to benefit from the Golf Saudi program is Abdulrahman Al-Mansour, who has played for the Saudi national golf team, teaches it, and is now doing an internship program with the establishment. He told Arab News, “From the first moment I picked up a club, I always wanted to be a part of the golf community in some capacity, so I am incredibly grateful to Golf Saudi for providing me with this opportunity.

Working as a golf coach in my current role is something I adore doing as it gives me the chance to introduce the game I love to Saudis every day.”

Let It Fly, a program available nationwide in Saudi, is currently under development, and had a run through at the Saudi International tournament. It offers families and those interested in golf, the chance to learn the sport via events open to the public.

CEO of Golf Saudi and Saudi Golf Federation, Majed Al-Sorour, said, “With the rollout of the Social Agenda we have created an educational framework, including the Golf Saudi internship program, to accommodate the formulation of a skilled domestic workforce, creating the pathway for members of the Saudi community to embark on a range of careers in and around golf, to create an abundance of new job opportunities.”

Golf was not always the most accessible event in the Kingdom until recently, and more and more women are also taking a particular interest in it, especially after women’s golf championships that have been hosted within Saudi Arabia. 

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