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Maria Tash Expands Its Offering In Dubai

Maria Tash is the leading fine jewelry and luxury piercing brand with a dedicated following of celebrity clients all over the world. Founded in New York in 1993, Maria and her team of trained experts have earned a reputation for offering the best expertise in the curation of individualized jewelry looks. Today, Maria Tash has multiple permanent locations in London, Rome, Dublin, Dubai, and a flagship store in New York City, and her latest one is in an iconic location in Dubai.

Maria Tash will be opening a new store in Mall of the Emirates in Dubai set to open in spring 2021. Following the success of the brand’s Fashion Avenue location in Dubai Mall, which opened in 2018, this marks the second store in Dubai and a significant expansion point for the brand. The new store will feature a grand 11-meter tall shopfront, span over 2,000 square feet, house four piercing rooms, and provide a private women’s only lounge.

Inspired by her Middle Eastern clientele, founder Maria Tash says, “I am very proud of our presence and continued growth in the Middle East. The customers in Dubai consistently inspire me with their passion for bold and unique jewelry as well as interesting piercing curations. Our new store in Mall of the Emirates will represent the scope, mood, and style of future Maria Tash stores globally and will help us to service even more clients. We look forward to welcoming local clientele.”

The design of the space will reflect Maria’s vision for the brand with an inviting, modern aesthetic. Hard elements like travertine stone and custom glass are balanced with soft elements like leather and upholstery to create visual harmony. Matte finishes and thoughtfully considered lighting will allow the jewelry collections to shine.

For nearly three decades, Maria Tash has been at the forefront of the fine jewelry and piercing industries. With a fresh perspective that lives at the intersection of beauty, fashion, and jewelry, Maria continues to pioneer piercing techniques and design refined collections. Her New York-based label has become synonymous with the Curated Ear®, an individualized look through which each client’s personal aesthetic and ear anatomy guide unique stylings that feature multiple studs and rings.

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