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Saudi Female Doctor Heads The King Fahd Cardiac Center

Image via Arab News

Congratulations to Dr. Nouf Abdul Aziz Al-Anazi who was recently appointed as director of the King Fahd Cardiac Center (KFCC) at the King Saud University Medical City (KSUMC)!

Al-Anazi stands out as a top national cardiologist and the first Saudi female doctor to lead a heart disease center. According to Arab News, she was also the head of the quality unit at the KFCC and director of the interventional cardiology program at KSUMC at King Saud University. Currently, Al-Anazi is also an assistant professor and consultant of interventional cardiology.

Al-Anazi graduated in 2007 from the KSU’s College of Medicine with a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery. The Saudi female trailblazer also earned herself an internal medicine board certificate from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties in 2012. Also, Al-Anazi also took part in a cardiology residency and interventional cardiology fellowship at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada and received a cardiology certificate from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Her impressive resume includes many specialized courses, medical seminars and conferences, and numerous published scientific papers.

Amidst the ravaging coronavirus pandemic, Al-Anazi told El-Ekhbariya in August 2020 that patients with heart problems had become afraid of attending ERs worrying that they could be infected with Covid-19. Although validating their fears, Al-Anazi said that anyone experiencing heart attack symptoms should take all precautions and head immediately to the nearest ER, as “early intervention is vital in helping a heart patient.”

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