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This Arab Female DJ Unveiled Arabic Samples In Western Music

Which one is your favorite?

Meet DJ Nooriyah! This awesome Arab female DJ spins her records at Plus One Radio and Foundation FM radios in London. Aside from fueling up her decks with fire tunes, The Middle Eastern and North African DJ specialist recently went viral on social media with her video on Arab tunes sampled in Western music.

Who knew A$AP Rocky sampled a bit an ASALA song or that Jay Z took a little inspiration from none other than Abdel Halim Hafez?

If they were contemporaries, Warda and Aaliyah would have totally been besties. It's empowering to see how music genres can transcend their form and inspire other genres and artists. This young DJ's how universal pop culture can be so mix in those playlists.

Kudos to DJ Nooriyah on these eye-opening videos! Follow her Instagram here and support her work. 

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