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Ask Dr Bassem Youssef Your Questions About The Plant-Based Lifestyle

'Ask Bassem Live’ might convince you to stick to your New Year’s resolutions this time!

According to the official Veganuary website, the world’s largest vegan movement has been inspiring and supporting over one million people in 192 countries to go vegan for January and beyond since 2014. To mark the annual challenge, Asharq News is hosting Ask Bassem Live, a live version of its popular “Ask Bassem” TV programme, which promotes a healthy vegan lifestyle. Hosted by the show’s famous presenter, Dr Bassem Youssef, the event by the new leading multi-platform economic and political news service will take place on January 16 in Dubai, under the theme ‘Plant-based Healthy Lifestyle.’

As well as gaining valuable knowledge that can help improve their health, attendees will have the opportunity to meet special guests who are ready to share their stories. Participants will also have the chance to brain-pick health experts and contribute to the interactive show, which will be filmed and broadcast in one of the upcoming “Ask Bassem” episodes. 

“January is a time when people set their resolutions for the New Year – and when they also often abandon them,” Youssef said. “As many resolutions are related to a healthy lifestyle – whether losing weight, launching an exercise routine, or adopting a balanced diet – Asharq News and myself have decided to support our viewers through providing practical advice that will make it easier for them to stick to their goals for the rest of the year.”

The event kickstarts with a TED-style talk by Youssef, introducing the concept of Veganuary and recounting his own experience with a plant-based diet. In the second part on the schedule, “Inspirational Stories,” Youssef will interview two guests who have transformed their health with a plant-based diet. “Vegan-Powered Athletes,” which brings together fitness experts living in the UAE to discuss how a plant-based diet improved their performance, will then follow. 

As part of the afternoon session, there will be a meditation and mindfulness masterclass and a seated yoga session, all led by a yoga expert. The audience will then be able to get more insight during a live Q&A session. A cooking session with a vegan chef will allow attendees to go home with some recipe ideas too. And to perfectly wrap up the exciting event in a way that encourages positivity and a mindset shift towards leading a healthier lifestyle, there will be an activity held by the beach and a dinner.

‘Your Health with Asharq,’ a campaign to raise awareness about living a healthy lifestyle, is part of Asharq News’s core CSR initiatives, and “Ask Bassem” is one of the pillars of this campaign. Youssef, one of the most recognised Arab media personalities, is on a mission to improve the health of his viewers via an improved diet through the weekly programme. On the show, Youssef, who practiced as a cardiothoracic surgeon in Egypt for 13 years, challenges traditional food myths and introduces viewers to experts, including doctors, athletes and influencers who have changed their lives through a balanced diet. 

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