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Delve Deeper Into Yourself This New Year With This Kundalini Yoga Training Programme

Nancy Zabaneh, a pioneer of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness in the Arab world, is behind the exciting course…

Since the coronavirus pandemic has changed so much about the way you live, it isn’t surprising if you’ve been looking for new ways to awaken your potential and realise your purpose this year. One top way you can reconnect with yourself is via your breath and yoga. And Kundalini yoga is particularly effective as it quickly and efficiently helps you become more aware of the geometry of your body and has visible effects on your energy, emotion and motion in your body.

Dubai-based Kundalini yoga teacher trainer Nancy Zabaneh (a.k.a. Hari Darshan Kaur) has unveiled an Aquarian Teacher Academy training programme, the KRI Level 1 Aquarian Teacher Training Program, in collaboration with Portugal-based Karam Kriya School. The programme involving Zabaneh, who is also a human relations coach, retreat leader and motivational speaker, is an interactive 220-hour professional certification course in the theory, practice, and basic skills of Kundalini yoga. The training, taking place on February 4, includes 180 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours of independent study that may include service projects, a 40-day meditation, rebirthing classes or White Tantric yoga. It is available as a hybrid - online and in person – to practitioners across the UAE and the Arabian Gulf. Scholarships are also a possibility for those with special needs or fulfilling certain criteria.

The line up is co-ordinated in Dubai by Darshan, the training, seminar and event curator Zabaneh, a pioneer of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness in the Arab world, founded in 2019. And it is an ideal programme for those looking to be introduced to the principles of the self-sensory human, whilst exploring how Kundalini yoga and a yogic lifestyle can harmonise and uplift the human experience. The course also includes deep self-reflection around a myriad of topics in communication, relationships, philosophy, death and postures, in addition to group work, intensive yoga and meditative experiences. Through conscious breath, dynamic movement, eye focus, timed sequences, the chanting of mantras and meditation, this powerful practice works to strengthen the nervous system, stimulate the glandular system and enhance one’s energetic awareness all around.

One-of-a-kind, the course gives you the kind of training that helps you discover a more authentic you and the truth of who you really are. And the reasons for doing it range from enhancing your own development to gaining more insight or aiming to be active in the yogic world. With the guidance of an international team of experienced teacher trainers, the course will also provide you with the skills needed to share the teachings of Kundalini yoga and arms you with the techniques, kriyas, meditations and experience to hold your own yoga classes. Once participants have finished the course, they have the opportunity of becoming a Kundalini Yoga Instructor, certified by the Kundalini Research Institute, and they would have fulfilled the Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher 200-hour requirement.

About Kundalini Yoga
Also referred to as the yoga of awareness, Kundalini yoga is an ancient practice that helps to manage stress by stimulating and prolonging endurance. Additionally, it gives yogis tools to navigate the pressures of life and increases their capacity to observe, subsequently boosting their ability to act, rather than react.

Since there aren’t any classes that are identical, Kundalini yoga mirrors the unpredictability of life and jolts practitioners out of their comfort zones. Some of its benefits include greater emotional, mental and spiritual flexibility, better agility and mind-strength training. 

About Nancy Zabaneh 
Since co-ordinating the Arabian Gulf's first ever yoga teacher trainings, active Kundalini yoga teeacher and trainer Nancy Zabaneh has led many more. With a background in International Relations and Public Affairs, Zabaneh, who works with the New Mexico-based Aquarian Teacher Academy, brings an added layer of experience to her work as a Compassionate Inquiry therapist and human relations coach.

She draws on her own experiences of healing and awakening, as well as years of integrative study, practice and teaching across the globe to support others in realising their fullest potential. Dedicated to spreading awareness through conscious living and diverse methodologies, Zabaneh has provided mentoring and led workshops in a host of public and private settings, including with Yogafest, She is Arab, Al Sahm Women, Chalhoub Group and Bloomingdale's, to name a few. 

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