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KSrelief Continues to Empower Yemeni Women

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) closed off a session of training courses for Yemeni women in the region of Aden. 

Part of the center’s “Seed of Safety” program, the trainings hope to empower women who after the death of their fathers, husbands or brothers are left to fend for themselves and their dependents. 

According to Arab News, the courses include photography, incense production, sewing and baking.

50 Yemeni women came together to take part in the training program. The earned certificates will shape them to kickstart a career in the field of their choice. 

The team experts have also bolstered the entrepreneurial spirit of her these women to bring their business ideas to life. 

KSrelief is currently behind 1,367 humanitarian projects across 54 countries at a total cost of $4.673 billion (SR17.52 billion).

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