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2020: Inspiring Stories From Saudi Arabia

Upon this whirlwind of a year, the team at looks a back at some of the inspiring news we were happy to report about. Click through to revisit the empowering & positive stories that made 2020 worthwhile. Here's to hoping the next year will bring the best for everyone.

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1. Meet Saudi Arabia’s Awesome Female Led Cycling Club

"Following the annual Saudi Tour and the General Sports Authority’s highly successful all-women’s cycling race in Jeddah in 2018, more and more women are gaining interest in the sport as studies have proven that cycling is a great way to improve mental and physical health, can aid weight loss, reduce the risks of heart disease, cancer, and other fatal health problems, as well as boosting the immune system." Read the full story here.

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2. Meet The Saudi Nonprofit Leading The W20

"The Alnahda Philanthropic Society for Women was established almost 60 years ago in Saudi Arabia in a bid to encourage women to take up prominent roles within society which would lead to gender equality and equal opportunities. Founded in 1962, Alnahda means “the awakening,” and it was established to aid Saudi women both socially and economically. Last year in June, Alnahda was officially credited by the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)." Read the full story here.

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3. This Saudi Female Pianist Is Leading The Way For Local Creatives

"Balunaid, who has become an inspiration herself, especially for youngsters who want to express themselves freely, has said it is the strong Saudi women who are creating awareness and letting their voices be heard who are propelling her to continue achieving her dreams. She is also thankful for the men, including the musicians from Alfarabi band and her husband, who have inspired and supported her." Read the full story here.

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4. Meet Saudi Arabia's Youngest Novelist

"Her journey to becoming a young Saudi icon and an inspiration to girls and women across the globe who aspire to become author themselves began right from when she was little. Alhamzi spent most of her childhood reading adventure books, a genre she seems to be focused on with her current and upcoming publications. It was from a very young age that the author knew she wanted to do something that connected her to people through the sharing of ideas, insights, and opinions." Read the full story here.

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5. Meet Saudi Arabia's Female Heroes Of Artificial Intelligence

"Forbes recently published a feature entitled “The Women Defining The 21st Century AI Movement” and we were happy to discover that our Saudi leading ladies dominated this powerlist amongst other global trailblazers. Let’s get tech-quainted." Read the full story here.

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6. This Young Saudi Woman Launched a Brilliant Cleanup Initiative In Jeddah

"Lama Jamjoom took matters in her own hands and launched a Cleanup Community platform on Instagram. The ultimate goals are for people to change their relationship with the environment, reduce pollution, and to manage their waste more." Read the full story here.

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7. KSRelief to Help Conjoined Yemeni Twins

"The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) announced last week that it will study the condition of newly-born conjoined twins in Yemen. Al-Sabeen Hospital in Sanaa seeked an international humanitarian appeal regarding the difficult health conditions of the twins and KSRelief responded to it." Read the full story here.

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8. The Practice of Al Sadu Lands On UNESCO's Intangible Heritage List

"An ancient tribal craft, Al Sadu, which stands out with pops of vibrant colors, is as an art by the Arabian nomadic people themselves. Sadu weaving is actually the 9th on the list of Saudi items to belong to this list, which honors the Kingdom's intangible national heritage locally and internationally." Read the full story here.

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9. Saudi Female Guides Are Now Behind The Kingdom's Best Travel Tours

"Women in Saudi Arabia are now eligible to organize tours across the Kingdom. This milestone further empowers women by providing employment in the tourism sector and by allowing them to make their mark on this ever-growing industry. Indeed, this development will see a key shift in Saudi Arabia’s tourism sector, allowing residents and visitors alike to experience the Kingdom from a different perspective." Read the full story here.

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10. Saudi Designer Shahd AlShehail Believes That Fashion Has A Bright Future After Covid-19

"The Covid-19 pandemic brought a whirlwind of change affecting lifestyle, industries, and jobs. When it comes to fashion and its ecosystems, Saudi female entrepreneur Shahd Al Shehail has an optimistic viewpoint on the future of businesses. She believes that businesses offering an added value in these trying times will thrive." Read the full story here.

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11. Dr. Nawf AlGublan, A Dedicated Saudi Frontliner Saving Lives In The U.S

"One of them is Dr. Nawf AlGublan, a Saudi doctor working in the United States, whose inspiring career caught the attention of HRH Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud, who shared her story on her Twitter page.  A successful nephrologist, Dr. Nawf AlGublan, currently practices in Boston and is a proud alumnus of the Brigham & Women’s Hospital Massachusetts General Hospital Join Nephrology Fellowship." Read the full story here.

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