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Saudi Arabia Unveils the Digital Filmmaker Program to Young Saudi Talent

Image via AramcoWorld

Saudi Arabia's film commission is working around the clock to boost young Saudi talent and provide them with a global platform to showcase their work. The Saudi Film Commission is about to launch the Digital Filmmaker Program, which will open up opportunities in film production training for professionals and amateurs.

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and under the Kingdom's Vision 2030 plan, the digital space offers tips and tools to untap the local industry and upgrade it. 

“The courses the ministry is offering to students for free is amazing,” told Danya Alhamrani to Arab News, a film director and producer who has 20 years of experience and is the cofounder of Eggdancer Productions. “As soon as I received the link I forwarded it to all my students. There are courses we can even learn and gain from for professionals, which I appreciate, because we should forever be learning and improving. My advice to filmmakers would be to take advantage of any and all opportunities for learning that come their way, but realize that it is only the beginning and that just because they took a course or two or three doesn’t mean they know everything.”

After candidate nominations, the training will kickstart in February 2021 and will follow 7 kkey tracks: Producers’ program, foundations of the film industry, marketing and distribution, audio engineering and production, scriptwriting, editing, and the film business market.

In close collaboration with the British Film Institute, the School of Cinema-Television at the University of Southern California (USC), and the Creative Media Skills Institute (CMS) at Pinewood in the UK, trainees will experience a state-of-the-art learning experience.

You can start applying from Jan. 1 through the platform, click here for more info on criteria. 

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