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Meet Lama Al Shethry: Sayidaty & AlJamila's Editor in Chief


The Saudi Research and Marketing Group appointed Saudi female journalist Lama Ibrahim Al-Shethry as the editor in chief of Sayidaty and Al Jamila as of December 21, 2020.

Ms. Jumana Rashid Al-Rashed, Chief Executive Officer, said: “In line with the vision of the Saudi Research and Marketing Group, this appointment seeks to further empower young Saudi journalists, support them to evolve the group’s publications, and encourage a leadership in line with the requirements and aspirations of the new generation who make up the largest segment of the media audience.” .

Al-Shathry holds a master's degree in marketing and communication from Middlesex University Dubai, and a bachelor's degree in translation from King Saud University. She worked in journalism and editing and was most recently the digital content manager at Hia magazine.

We wish her the best! 

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