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Faces Includes Niche Perfume Brand Arcadia by Amna Al Habtoor To Its Inventory

The perfume brand is unreserved, progressive and experiential…

Regional perfume lovers, rejoice, Faces is helping to meet the demands of your olfactory obsession. Whether your habit is a recently developed pleasure or you’re a fragrance connoisseur, it’s great to know Arcadia by Amna Al Habtoor’s niche perfumes can now be purchased from And the region’s largest luxury beauty retailer has made sure the brand’s three collections offering a sensory experience not to be forgotten are all available.

Arcadia by Amna Al Habtoor has captured the international scene’s attention through its deeply rooted cultural values. And while paying homage to UAE traditions, it is aiming to advance the Middle Eastern culture of scents in a modern and experimental way. Faces, which has stores across the region selling fragrance, make-up and skincare, started combining internationally renowned brands with locally founded, sustainable and niche concepts 18 months ago.

About Amna Al Habtoor 
UAE-born entrepreneur and pioneer perfume creator Amna Al Habtoor has always been fixated by fragrances. Inspired by the scent worn by her late mother and the memories and feelings that scent arouses in her mind, she decided to leave the family business to capture those nostalgic moments and bottle them. She adored the idea of tagging an important time and being able to return to it through a recognisable scent. Al Habtoor, who established Arcadia in 2015, created her first scent for her wedding day. She also came up with one for the birth of her daughter, while her son was welcomed with a scented candle.

While it offers many feminine fragrances, the brand that conjures recollections and emotions now stands out in the region for creating unisex scents that break gender and cultural barriers. The fine fragrance series with an individual style and contemporary flair has also made waves for their commitment to environment-friendly practices. Each scent is cruelty-free, paraben-free and chemical-free, using the best quality ingredients, as well as being packaged with locally found sustainable materials.

Earlier this year, Al Habtoor inaugurated Arcadia’s first flagship store in Dubai, a move that makes it possible for clients to really get engrossed and discover what the brand is all about. The boutique perfumery is located in Dubai’s premium retail and gastronomic hotspot, Dar Al Wasl. 

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