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6 Times Amina Muaddi Left Us Fangirling

The Arab designer’s relentless drive is an inspiration...

A household name in the world of heels, Amina Muaddi is a Jordanian-Romanian footwear designer making strides with her sultry dramatic heels and now newly released arm candy. Jumping from one project to the other, Amina never ceases to amaze us with her stunning innovative designs. Here are 6 times the Arab shoe designer left us in awe. 

1. When she collaborated with none other Rihanna

Yup. No big deal. Amina is the designer behind Fenty’s geometrical heels and thigh-high sandals! Oh and did we mention we’re still gushing?

2. When she collaborated with Asap Rocky


You read that one right. The iconic duo left us fangirling when they dropped a shoe collection together under AWGE x Amina Muaddi. The collection mirrors an unparalleled edgy style featuring gladiators, butterfly heels, and fierce crystal chain heels.

3. When she shares adorable snaps of her dog


Behind every creative genius is a pup. Yes.

4. When she released her eponymous new line of sexy handbags


Her skillset is not just limited to shoes - duh!

5. When she has all the celebrities gushing over her shoes 


We hear Mrs. West is one of her biggest fans.

6. When she serves looks. Period. 


We’re taking notes Amina. You go girl!

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