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Meet Saudi Arabia's New Rhodes Scholars

Tomorrow's leaders of change!

Congrats to Ghadah Alshalan from MIT, Mneera Abdullah Saud from Brown University and Omar Alshangiti from University of Illinois - Saudi Arabia's recipients of the Rhodes Scholarship for 2021! The three brilliant young minds will be going to Oxford university next October. 

Dr Elizabeth Kiss, Warden and CEO of the Rhodes Trust, said: “Two years ago and thanks to Muhammad Alagil's generous gift, we launched the Saudi Arabia Scholarship to ensure that more of world’s diversity would be reflected at Rhodes House. It has been a pleasure to meet the exceptional young Scholars from Saudi Arabia selected in these two previous years and witness their enriching contribution to Rhodes House – cultural diversity is a core value of ours and one that we see benefit our cohort of Scholars every day, as they learn from each other in profound ways. I am looking forward to welcoming these three inspirational and energetic young leaders – Ghadah, Mneera and Omar – to Rhodes House next year." 

The Rhodes Scholarship doesn't just provide financial support but fosters the ultimate environment for change makers. This year's Saudi Arabia's Rhodes Elects have showcased their inspiration and dedication to change their world. The thorough process included three rounds of reviews before the final virtual interviews of several shortlisted candidates with an international selection committee.

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