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DIY Flower Arrangement Ideas to Bring On The Holiday Cheer

They make you look like a floral pro, but these next-level displays are so easy to create...

The worry and anxiety caused by 2020 is plain to see, and many people have recently been dealing with it with the help of some standout holiday décor. According to research, the festive spirit really does lift moods since introducing new sensory features like light, color and sound has the power to enhance our mental health and mood. 

So after taking care of the fairy lights and ensuring Michael Bublé is playing on a loop, the next big step is adding some vibrant hues. And we can’t think of a fresher way to spread holiday cheer this season than turning your house into a festive flower haven. Thankfully, the pros at Bloom & Wild, the UK's leading letterbox flowers service, have created a crafty DIY Christmas decoration guide to help. Whether you want to create a welcoming impression with a festive flower hanging on your door or want to take your holiday tablescape to the next level, these step-by-step instructions make it so easy.

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Dinner table decorations

1. Cut your stems into two different heights: Trim about 12 centimeters off the tallest and enough to make the shortest two centimeters taller than your jars. 

2. Split your foliage into three piles: Make sure you put a mix of stem types and heights in each pile and grab three jam jars. 

3. Pop the tall stems in the middle of jars: Don’t worry about using the same stems in each jar, it’s part of the charm! 

4. Finish with your shorter stems: Add them all around the outside so your jars look good from all angles.

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Festive door swag

1. Trim your stems into three heights (like stadium tiers): Trimming your stems will make your door swag look lovely and full. Trim three-five centimetres off a third of your stems, five-10 centimetres off another third and 10-12 centmetres off the final third. (You can use Bloom & Wild’s handy ruler as a guide.) 

2. Start arranging in your hands: Start with the tallest stems at the back, add the medium stems in the middle and the shortest stems at the front. 

3. Tie together: Take some twine or ribbon and wrap around your stems where you’ve been holding them in your hands. 

4. Hang them up: Turn your bouquet upside down and secure to any door or wall. Mist your stems every now and again to keep them fresher for longer. 

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