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3 Beautiful Adventures to Take in Saudi Arabia

Don't forget your mask and sanitizer!

The Gulf region is now blessed with fresh and sunny weather! Aside from the fun factor, outdoorsy activities are preferred in the midst of pandemic. Consider one of these stunning location for your next day or weekend trip around Saudi Arabia. Share with us your favorite hidden gem in the Kingdom!

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1. Wadi Namar

If you’re looking to escape into nature, to a mountainous region with wonderful, year-round climate, and lush green scenery, there’s one spot in Saudi Arabia’s Asir region that is perfect for you. Established in 1980, Asir National Park is the Kingdom’s first national park, and has been a favorite for many across Saudi Arabia since its opening. Located near Abha and nestled between the eastern desert region and the Red Sea, the park stretches 1,600 square kilometers and is surrounded by mountains and cliffs, with the Kingdom’s tallest, Jabal Soudah, rising 3,000 meters.

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2. Tanomah Mountains

If you’re looking for a bit of adventure and a stunning landscape to set up camp for the weekend, then get your gear ready and take a road trip towards the south west of Saudi Arabia, to the Asir region in search for the stunning mountains of Tanomah. Known for its mild to cold weather most months of the year, Tanomah is home to natural forests, juniper trees, green mountain slopes, waterfalls, ancient structures, and more.

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3. Qaraqir Valley

Tucked between magnificent mountains that rise 1,750 meters into the sky is Saudi Arabia’s stunning Qaraqir Valley. Located south of Tabuk near a little village named Al Disah, Qaraqir Valley – known as Wadi Qaraqir in Arabic and also referred to as Wadi Dissah – is a 15-kilometer long canyon that runs through a sandstone massif of tall, remarkable formations. Visitors from all over the Kingdom are drawn to this valley for its impressive mountains and ever-flowing stream of freshwater (known locally as “Eye of Zarqa”) that runs all the way into the Red Sea. Indeed, following the recent construction of two roads that lead to the valley’s entrance, more and more people now flock to the valley, which was for a long time not easily accessible.

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