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3 Trips To Take This Holiday Season For A Much-Needed Escape

Such dreamy options, whether your idea of a blissful getaway includes sun, sand and sea, some African jungle action or Indian stress-relieving techniques.

The covid-19 pandemic has put a damper on most holiday lovers’ plans this year. However, if you’ve got a serious bout of wanderlust and really need to perform your yearly adventure-packed ritual around the festive time, has some terrific solutions. The healthy adventure hub portal serving unique holiday packages, including family and pet friendly options, has some exciting nature-centric trips planned for the season. And booking one is the best possible way anyone with the travel bug can wave goodbye to the most awful year.

Here are the three options from the online experts in wellness holidays and retreats across the globe, which will have you recharging and boosting your mental and physical wellbeing after all the stresses of 2020. Plus, of course, the packages will see you returning home with experiences and memories that last a lifetime. 

Murchison Park Adventure, Uganda

From 16-20 December nature lovers have the chance to reap the rewards of being surrounded by a canopy of greenery while exploring the jungles of Uganda. As well as being immersed in nature while discovering the majestic Murchison Park, tumbling waterfalls and all, there’s the opportunity of you spotting wildlife in their natural habitat. Sightings of elephants, buffalos, antelope and an atlas of birds are all in the cards.

Inner Wisdom & Soul Transformation Retreat, India

Perfect to eliminate negative energy and end the year on a positive, self-loving note, the Inner Wisdom & Soul Transformation retreat is taking place from 17 – 27 December. It is complete with trekking in the wilderness, sound meditation, power yoga and chakra rituals. While in India’s Dunagiri, a peaceful village nearly 400kms from Delhi, attendees have the ability to get introspective and observe nature while working on their inner selves.

The Big Blue Option, The Maldives

If your idea of a haven includes white sandy beaches and the bluest of lagoons, a trip to the Maldives is simply your dream delight. For five relaxing days, from 24 – 28 December, you can sing carols on a boat, swim up close and personal with the abundant marine life and enjoy relaxing on the pristine beaches.

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