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Saudi Arabia's Fund Helps 73K Women Become Home Owners

Through mortgage loans, Saudi Arabia's Real Estate Development Fund (REDF) has assisted more than 73,000 Saudi women in the country in becoming first-time home owners. 

According to Arab News, the general supervisor of REDF, Mansour bin Madhi, said that the fund's policy has always been inclusive of the support of Saudi women to own housing, which is key to accelerate development. 

He added to the Saudi daily that the fund streamlines real estate financing procedures to empower all citizens to receive subsidized mortgage loans through electronic and immediate procedures. 

The policy is a door of opportunity for Saudi women to own property under the subsidized mortgage loan scheme, which falls under Saudi Vision. The national vision aims to increase housing and to maximize the rate Saudi homeowners - the goals is for it to reach 60% by the end of this year and 70% by 2030.

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