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Meet Saudi Arabia’s Awesome Female Led Cycling Club

The first of its kind in the Kingdom!

Women of the Kingdom are paving the way for the future of Saudi women in the world of sport and staying fit. The world saw many firsts hailing from KSA such as the first Saudi female race car drivers, footballers, tennis players, and now, cyclists. 

Following the annual Saudi Tour and the General Sports Authority’s highly successful all-women’s cycling race in Jeddah in 2018, more and more women are gaining interest in the sport as studies have proven that cycling is a great way to improve mental and physical health, can aid weight loss, reduce the risks of heart disease, cancer, and other fatal health problems, as well as boosting the immune system.

With all that in mind, there is a new female led cycling club that is calling for more women to participate in the sport! The club, called Doves Ride, is Saudi Arabia’s first professional cycling team and is licensed both locally and internationally. The Riyadh-based cycling club arranges bike rides for all levels – from beginners to professional cyclists, and also offers up lessons for those who have never ridden a bike. 

Making people of the Kingdom more aware about the benefits of cycling, Shahd Al Turki, the founder of Doves Ride, told Arab News about her passion, “I founded Doves Ride to create an environment for women and families where they could get into sports,” she said. “The idea was to create a team that would motivate Saudi society to start biking, and to raise awareness in general about sport and movement. We also wanted to help teach Saudis to cycle by creating a program to teach people in all categories.” Doves Ride also looks to unite Saudis who have similar interests.

“Biking is more than just a fun sport; it raises your fitness levels and can also boost your mental health,” said Al Turki, and calls for people who have never tried cycling to simply give it a go. “We have bike-riding lessons for zero-experience learners, licensed by the British Cycling Federation. Children, men and women are all welcome to take them. These lessons can help any beginner ride a bike safely, and teaches them all the necessary skills and basics,” she said.

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