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Lamatna Saudia: Arab Creatives Come Together For One Last Hurrah

Regional stars and artists met at "Baqat Houb", a virtual get together celebrating Saudi culture and the winners of the Lamatna Saudia campaign.

Sayidaty and Arrajol's campaign "Lamatna Saudia" ended on a good note! The regional magazines hosted a virtual event on November 15 entitled Baqat Hob and various Arab artists joined in on the celebrations and a feisty competition.

The charming Saudi YouTuber Hatoun Al-Qadi welcomed guests and viewers, and layed out the rules of the competition. She asked participants to share the most influential couplet of the song (Leila) by the musician Dr. Abd al-Rab Idris. The concert began with the Saudi national anthem performed by local opera singer Sawsan Al-Bahiti followed by the anticipated results of the competition.

Other Baqat Hob attendees include musical composer Heba Al-Kawas, media personality and artist Arwa, talented Jordanian singer Zain Al-Awad, Saudi singer Rawya Al-Hashemi, and others.
A special jury picked four winners out of a huge number of participants that submitted songs, drawings, poetry or photography.

Reunited by their love of their homeland Saudi, meet the winners:

1. Al-Anoud Abdel-Hakim, an actress and poet who participated with her sister Nada in the song "Hanna Al Saudioun". 

2. Nayef Al-Fifi, an artist with visual impairment, who presented the most beautiful paintings and touched the hearts of many. 

3. Yazid Saad Al-Hussaini, a videographer and photographer, who stood out with remarkable shots.

4. Hussain Saeed Al Rabeh, a sign language interpreter, guided a group of children with special needs that delivered a heartwarming rendition of the Saudi national anthem.

Sayidaty will sponsor the winners in 2021 through its many initiatives and campaigns, as well as publish their unique content on all its platfroms. Congrats everyone! 

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