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7 Ways to Have Gorgeous Straight Locks without Using Heated Hair Tools

These heat-free ways to silky, straight hair are just what we’re looking for in the middle of a scorching summer.

Poker straight hair is one of this season's hottest looks. But as much as we love the super sleek trend, the thought of added heat blasting over our heads in the middle of a hot and humid Arabian summer can be truly off-putting. Plus, of course, there are those damaging effects of direct heat on hair follicles. So we’re introducing seven ways to get the stick-straight hair you’re gunning for without the heated tools and having to harm your hair. However, keep in mind these techniques work best on hair that is naturally medium to fine and only slightly wavy.   

1. Find the right shampoo and conditioner. One of the most important steps to getting poker straight hair without using a hair dryer is to reassess the products you use regularly. So, if you don’t have them already, go on the hunt for a shampoo and conditioner especially made for uncurling and smoothing hair. These specialised products are made in a way that heavily moisturise and lock down curls for straighter hair.

2. Invest in an ultra-absorbent towel. It can take a long time for hair to totally dry, so if you’re in a hurry, towel drying is one of the most practical ways to avoid using a hair dryer. The best towel-drying trick is to use an extra absorbent towel to help your hair dry without causing damage or frizz. Microfibre towels are just the right thing. Another way to avoid friziness while towel drying is to gently work your way up from the tip of the hair, absorbing as you go, then gently ruffle your hair with the towel without rubbing the ends together.

3. Add a smoothing product to your hair care routine. When you notice your hair is almost dry, use a smoothing hair cream or mousse to fight kinks and waves in your hair. A leave-in conditioner is also great for prepping your hair, and then you can use a gel serum or oil on top of that. Try to stick with products that contain a natural smoothing agent like coconut oil or jojoba oil as they help loosen your hair beautifully.

4. Keep brushing hair until it's dry. You can avoid using a hair dryer by gently towel drying your hair and then constantly brushing it until it’s dry. Brushing aids in unravelling your hair, it also removes moisture. Plus, brushing advances straightening because the movement pulls on your hair and keeps it from curling up like it does when left alone. Continually brushing can get tiring, so you can brush your hair in sections, with five-minute breaks in between. One of the most effective ways is to brush wet hair down and pull it firmly with your hands. There are some special brushes you can use for dealing with wet hair.

5. Pin up your wet hair overnight. One option is to start off this process by blowing on some cold air from the hair dryer. Then wrap sections of your hair all around your head, securing them with bobby pins. One smart way of pinning your hair is to divide it down the centre into two sections. Once you’ve done that, take one section and comb it over to the other side, winding it around your head till you get to the end of your hair. That’s when it becomes time to place the pins at the back of your head and repeat with the other side. It’s a good idea to wear a scarf around your hair while you sleep and take down your hair come morning.

6. Get out some jumbo rollers. You can partly towel dry your hair before using the rollers to save some time. Another useful tip is to use plastic rollers rather than Velcro or foam as they help achieve a smoother look. Divide your hair into sections (around the rollers’ width), then comb each section up, wrapping it around a jumbo roller. You should reel the sections up until you reach the roots. Secure the rollers against your head using large clips, for example duckbill clips. You can keep the rollers in overnight and then run a comb through your hair when you take them out.

7. Switch to the cold air setting on your hair dryer. Instead of blow drying with hot air, which can be damaging and can cause frizz, you can towel try your hair and then use the cold air option on the hair dryer. You should go about drying your hair in sections, using a flat paddle brush, and your fingers if you want, while working on each part. When you feel your hair is completely dry, you can use a natural oil, coconut for example, for an extra polished finish.

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