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Dana Hourani Releases A New Song Empowering Arab Women

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Dana Hourani, a prominent name in the Arab fashion and social media industry, made her debut last year on the regional indie music scene. This week she dropped her her fourth single, ‘Enti Ana’ (I Am You), a tribute not only to the strength and resilience of the Lebanese capital, but also to the strong women in Dana’s life. “‘Enti Ana’ celebrates all generations of Arab women and everything that they have overcome, as well as every man who appreciates, supports and elevates the women in his life,” Hourani says.

The song is inspired by a series of ambivalent experiences which have shaped the vision of the woman and the city that Dana is trying to depict via her lyrics and music. In her opening verse, she references Lebanese icons from the music industry such as Fairuz and Sabah and their respective hedonism and piety. Hourani also touches on contrasting images, which evoke particular emotions, including war and peace, light and dark, victory and loss and the heart and mind. 

The narrative of ‘Enti Ana’ is conveyed through Dana’s soulful vocals, and visually conveyed by director Nadim Hobeika. Her third video collaboration with the director features intricate choreography and a symbolic representation of the stages and struggles women face.

Following the devastating events that took place in Beirut in August 2020, Dana stated, “I cannot sing ‘Enti Ana’ without thinking of my ultimate source of inspiration – my home, Beirut- which, for me, is the greatest and strongest woman of all.”

‘Enti Ana’ is Hourani’s second release of the year following her rendition of ‘Zuruni,’ a remake of the Arabic classic and the first ever Arabic-Indie release to reach the coveted number one spot on the Offial Lebanese Top 20. It also charted on streaming platform Anghami’s Top 5 in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.

‘Enti Ana’ was written and composed by Anthony from Adonis, recorded by Gio Fikany and arranged by Sleiman Damien, who have produced all of Dana Hourani’s music to date. A debut album from the model and artist is expected to release in early 2021. 

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