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Saudi Arabia’s Incredible Art Exhibition Features Local Female Artists

And MBS that endorses it!

Established by Saudi Arabia’s Crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Misk Art Foundation, which falls under the Misk Foundation, has just launched “Imprint” which is a digital, film, photography presentation. The exhibition has been curated by Latifa Abdul Rahman Al Khalifa and features some incredible works by Middle Eastern artists, including 17 from Saudi Arabia, including Saudi women. 

“Imprint” will run until 28th January 2021 and is situated at the Prince Faisal bin Fahd Fine Arts Gallery. The Misk Art foundation has an agenda to promote local culture and offer support to the Saudi arts and creative community. The foundation looks to help them develop and produce their works whilst giving them a strong platform to be able to offer them exposure both within Saudi Arabia and internationally. 

The exciting modern art exhibition features works by artists from Saudi and other GCC countries who are exploring themes of identity within four subcategories: the past and memory, a deconstruction of the self, connections with nature and mindful reflections, in a variety of mediums including film, photography and digital forms. These are some of the participating female Saudi Arabian artists to watch out for at the exhibition:

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Mashael Al Saie

Mashael Al Saie is a video and art photography creative based between New York and Bahrain who explores themes of her Arab heritage. Her works have a narrative that unpicks particular norms and values that have shaped her understanding of being a woman in the Arab world. Al Saie has submitted an insight into her experience as an Arab woman via a short film.

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Lulwah Al Homoud

United Kingdom based Saudi Arabian artist, Lulwah Al Homoud has taken a spiritual approach to her body of work featured at “Imprint” with her site specific installation. The piece is “based on the artist’s Language of Existence series, a spiritual meditation on the human experience in connection to the infinite universe.” 

Al Homoud has created complex patterns on glass which are backlit by LED lights which the artist has conveyed as a “representation of the 99 names of Allah.”

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Reem Al Nasser

Jeddah born Reem Al Nasser practices her art from her home in Jizan in Saudi Arabia. Her pieces of work are inspired by cultural change, her surroundings, mobility and her personal experiences. Al Nasser is an art photographer and her series entitled, “Alfulle,” documents a traditional ritual observed by women from a southern region of Saudi Arabia.

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