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Sayidaty Launches “Bahjetna Emaratya” Campaign Celebrating the 49th UAE National Day

Saudi and Emirati women are coming together to embrace this special day.

Sayidaty magazine has launched the “Bahjetna Emaratya " campaign on the occasion of the 49th UAE National Day falling on the 2nd of December. 

This cross-platform campaign follows up on stories of Emirati and Saudi women, united by close borders and common history in customs and traditions spanning across events, weddings, holidays, food, rituals.

Through storytelling, both nationalities will recount the differences, commonalities, and origins of each traditions.

Sayidaty’s 49th UAE National Day campaign brings forth people from the Emirates and beyond from all walks of life. Artists, writers, public figures, and businesspeople will have a unique take on their love of the UAE and the development of the region in all aspects. 

Readers are also invited to participate a competition calling for creative expression in any medium whether photography, poetry, painting, music, or video, or even stories.

"Sayidaty" magazine will share the crowdsourced content on its digital platforms and issues. After a jury’s evaluation, word is, the best contributions will receive special awards and certificates of appreciation.

The creators behind the best submissions may have a chance to be part of the "Friends of Sayidaty Magazine" team and publish their content in 2021.

Now, are you interested?
Send your contributions in video, photo, audio, or text format to: [email protected]

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