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Rania Biltagi: Head of Communication and Partnerships at Ithra

Ever wondered about the mastermind behind the communication and branding behind the iconic King Abdul Aziz Center for World Culture (also known as Ithra)?

Meet Rania Biltagi, the head of communication and partnerships behind Ithra's renowned initiatives like inauguration in 2018, the 29th Arab League Summit, the Tanween Creativity Season, the Eastern Province Season (2019), the 5th Saudi Film Festival, and the FIKR17 conference. With over two decades of experience in corporate communications and marketing, Biltagi led multiple positions from heading corporate brand management and advertising to initiating the development of Aramco’s corporate brand strategy.

Before reaching this stepping stone, Biltagi spent 17 years working in Aramco's PR department and climbed her way up the ladder with titles such as brand strategist, project manager, art director and brand manager. On Saudi National Day, Biltagi stood out with a campaign asking Saudi youth to consider what being Saudi meant to them and exploring Ithra's multicultural role:
“Our mandate involves igniting cultural curiosity, exploring knowledge and inspiring creativity, and it’s a task we don’t take lightly. ‘Saudi at heart, multicultural by nature’ has been our motto from the start, and the manifestation of this ideal means we’re continually looking inward even as we look outwards,” she told Arab News.
Biltagi did her bachelor degree in communications studies at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, and earned her MA in marketing communications from the University of Westminster.

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