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Christian Louboutin Launches A Magical Fragrance Collection

Loubiworld Fragrance Collection

Christian Louboutin is an artist, a craftsman and one of the world’s greatest shoe designers – primarily revered for his iconic red soles. However, it is not just the language of a good leather shoe or handbag that he is fluent in, Christian Louboutin also recognizes the allure and transformative power of a stroke of a bold red lipstick and nail color. Afterall, it was a chance encounter in 1992 with some red nail polish that inspired his signature red soles, as well as his foray into the world of beauty.

Christian Louboutin Beauty was established in 2012 and presents bold and empowering collections for lips, nails, and eyes, as well as fragrances. The inclusive range reflects the same playful wit, passion, and innovation as Christian Louboutin’s prolific collection of women’s and men’s shoes, handbags, and small leather goods.

Now, in 2020, Loubiworld takes its clients on a journey through the imagination and designer himself. Setting the scene of a fantastical world, each scent from Christian Louboutin Beauty’s newest fragrance collection, from the subtlest to the most intense, is created to transport the wearer to a personal memory, a fantasy, or a dream… 

To make dreams a reality, Louboutin collaborated with his friend, Hélène Tran, whose ethereal designs echo both the poetry and humor of each universe. As if pulled out of a magician’s scarlet hat, each bottle lacquered with red is crowned with a stunning cap, and each fragrance is a personal story from the creator.


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The scents include, Loubicroc, a potent oriental fragrance spiced with sandalwood, myrrh and cypriol; Loubicrown, woody with notes of patchouli and an air of royalty; Loubiraj, a nod to Indian aristocracy, described as wild and majestic with a full bodied blend of suede, cedar and pink pepper; Loubirouge pays homage to the label’s signature red, created to evoke visuals of Paris, high heels and cabaret, with notes of iris, cardamom and vanilla; Loubikiss is a romantic bouquet of jasmine, tuberose and heady musk- an ode to eternal love.


Une publication partagée par Christian Louboutin Beauty (@louboutinbeauty) le

Loubifunk ups the ante with a carnival of rose, blackcurrant and patchouli, an invitation to dance and celebrate the sheer joy of living. The last but not the very least of the seven new fragrances is, Loubidoo; fruity and floral and topped off with a cat lid, Loubidoo blends the direct simplicity of strawberry with the opulence of rose and cedar. A fragrance that is high on mischief – but also works as a lucky charm. 

The Loubiworld fragrance collection consists of 7 fragrances available in 90ml (priced at 1,290 AED), and will be available from November 2020 in Harvey Nichols Kuwait, and on 

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