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This New Huda Beauty Palette Is Every Makeup Lover’s Dream

Huda Beauty continues to delight us all with her makeup drops in the most stunning tones and textures and this eyeshadow palette is the dreamiest so far…

Huda Beauty launched its iconic New Nude palette in 2018 to rave reviews that cemented it as a cult beauty buy and since she’s always looking to evolve, Huda knew that the old-world version had to be dismantled and replaced with the values and desires of a new generation.

Now, in 2020, Huda feels that more than ever before, it's less about looking to icons and idols and more about looking inward to inspire yourself and become your own muse. “Having self-confidence is not about the reality of how other people see you, but what you choose to see and act upon yourself,” says Huda. “This palette allows you to tap into all sides of your personality, while also celebrating the fearlessness and confidence everyone deserves to feel even in the nude,” she said of the new “Naughty Nude Eyeshadow Palette.”


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The makeup mogul also added, “While nudes are nothing new, I wanted to update the classic colorway to empower beauty fans in a bold, modern way. The Naughty Nude Eyeshadow Palette has 18 shades in innovative textures to help you strip bare to your fiercest and naughtiest self!”

The hue sultry re-imagination of the iconic Huda Beauty New Nude palette, is a racy offering of 18 captivating smokey shades and innovative textures. It's the ultimate palette for creating modern nude looks, smokey eyes, and fresh lids. “Naughty Nude” is loaded with richer, smokier shades and versatile neutrals that will give you daytime dew or after-dark drama in the sweep of a brush to take your lids from nice to “deliciously naughty” in seconds.

As well as delicious new shades, Huda knew that makeup lovers were lusting after more than just an updated colorway, so as always, she’s delivered a whole palette featuring three new innovative shadow textures. Matte marbles, a metallic marble, and a never-seen-before pearl gloss hybrid, join Huda’s cult-favorite mattes and metallics to transform the nude beauty landscape.


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Huda’s application recommendations include building the base with the matte cream marble and matte powder shadows, followed by using a dense brush or a finger to pick up the metallics and cream shimmer marble shades and blend onto the lids in small circular motions for an illuminating finish. A more intense effect can be achieved by pressing on metallics with your fingers or a brush for a glam high-shine foil effect. For less drama, if that exists, Huda recommends swiping the pearl gloss hybrid onto bare lids using your fingers or a flat brush and for a softer daytime look, build a light base using the matte shades.Then add a subtle shimmer across the lids using your finger, a flat brush, or a sponge applicator.

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