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This Smiling Polar Bear Is One More Reason To Smile

A smiling polar bear lazily floats belly-up in a pool of water.

Antje Wenner-Braun/Solent News/Shutterstock

The best news we've seen this week! The happy bear is just one year old and lives with its mother in a German zoo. The male bear could weigh as much as ten men when fully grown.

These photographs were taken by keen wildlife photographer Antje Wenner-Braun, at the Hannover Adventure Zoo in Northern Germany.

The retired 56-year -ld said: "These bears have a spacious area with lots of water, meadows and places to relax.

"He loves the water, as you can see in the pictures.

"I think he has everything he loves, so he's happy and having fun."

Mrs Wenner-Braun, who worked as an industrial clerk, added: "This was a very special moment for me. I think this bear was tired and had to rest - but often they rest in their retreats and can't be seen.

"The emotions of the animals always touch me very strongly.

"Wildlife photography is my passion. I often stay for hours with the species that fascinate me. 

"To take extraordinary pictures of the animals, you need to spend a lot of time with them."

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