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Top Reasons To Celebrate World Pasta Day 2020

Make sure there’s a taste of Italy on your table today

Thanks to the 40 pasta producers from around the world who established World Pasta Day as they gathered to hold the globe’s first World Pasta Congress in Rome in 1995, we have the perfect excuse to ditch the low-carb diet today. Now organised by the International Pasta Organization, there are many reasons to pay tribute to the day that promotes pasta consumption and increases awareness about the benefits of one of the most simple, yet delicious and versatile foods in the world.

Pasta, which people have been eating past since at least 5,000 B.C., is affordable, easy to cook, makes you less “hangry,” and can stay in your cupboard for ages. Plus, the low fat carb option can be good for your health in several ways, including keeping blood sugar in check, helping you lose weight and may even play a role in preventing cancer, according to WebMD. Cloud restaurants, who are behind delivery-only pasta restaurants, Go! Pasta and Lotsa! Pasta have shared two more reasons for us to drown ourselves in a bowl of the satisfying and comforting Italian staple today.

1. All the different possibilities

There are endless pasta-bilities when it comes to choosing what kind to eat, which is great for picky eaters who are sensitive to things like texture and thickness. From linguine, spaghetti and pappardelle to manicotti, rigatoni and penne, pasta is available in so many different shapes and sizes, you're spoilt for choice. Plus, we could go on forever about the many different sauce options, whether it’s a ragu for meat lovers, a savoury pesto or a rich creamy treat. For a healthy dish, all you have to do is add some salad or pretty much any combination of vegetables.

2. A great energiser

While a lot of us tend to avoid overindulging in carbohydrates, they are essential in helping athletes and serious sports lovers perform better. Pasta, a nutritious and sustainable worldwide favourite found in literally every culture across the globe, is packed full of carbs that help delay fatigue. Being so carbohydrate rich, pasta allows athletes and any driven sports person compete at higher levels for longer.

 Different Ways To Celebrate World Pasta Day

  • Have a competition with friends or family members to see who can name the most kinds of pasta. Did you know there are over 350 kinds?
  • Host a virtual or in-person pasta cooking competition with fellow foodies
  • Put your chef’s thinking cap on and whip up your own pasta dish 
  • Go to your favourite Italian restaurant and try a pasta dish you’ve never chosen before

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