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Pick Up A Paintbrush Instead This Halloween

Put down the carving tools, skip the classic jack-o'-lantern, and churn up a few painted masterpieces instead…

Halloween isn't going to be quite the same this year with various restrictions in place across the world due to the pandemic. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn’t mark the spooky season with some wicked and kitschy home decorating. And the great news for the many of us with limited pumpkin carving skills is that painted pumpkins, which we can display for as long as we want and even keep till next year, are one of the hottest trends.


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The multi-coloured delights really hold their own when added to the Halloween decorating scheme so it’s not a surprise people are ditching the carving tools altogether. Instead, bright hues and eye-catching patterns are being used to create stunning and mesmerising pumpkin displays.


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From pretty pinks and pastels to contrasting colours, plain white, glow in the dark, gilded or a paint with metallic glints, there are so many paint options to deck out your pumpkins this year. And to take make your no-carve options even more fabulous, you can adorn them with just about anything. This includes confetti, stencils, seasonal flowers, lace, studs and gold or silver star stickers.


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Scary Halloween-related motifs and messages are also another great way to display your imaginative side, with versatile chalkboard paint allowing you to switch things up often. 

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