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Saudi Women to Receive Digital Training with Google In New Initiative

A number of Saudi ministries have partnered up with Google in order to launch a set of new initiatives that look to help improve the country’s economic strategy and digital transformation, with a focus on helping to improve the skills of Saudi women within the digital field.

Google have also iterated that the initiatives will focus on Saudi Arabia, and the MENA region, and will help to improve the economy – especially with the global economic downturn amid the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the programs is entitled, “Grow Stronger with Google,” which will provide local businesses and the unemployed with a wide-ranging list of digital tools, training opportunities and grants. Specifically to Saudi Arabia, Google will be putting these initiatives in place to help the kingdom’s retail, tech, and tourism sectors.

In a press statement, Lino Cattaruzzi, managing director for Google in MENA, said, “During the pandemic, online tools have been a lifeline for many in Saudi Arabia. Making the most of the online opportunity can help Saudi people, businesses and communities and in the wider region bounce back stronger.” He also added that the program will give businesses and individuals in the Kingdom the required digital skills, especially within the sectors that have been most affected by the economic crash caused by the pandemic, such as tourism and retail.

The initiative quips local businesses with cloud training, as well as advanced digital skills, that will aid around 140,000 developers, with a strong focus on women working in the field. 

Google has teamed up with local government bodies such as the Ministry of Tourism, and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, with a view to train over 50,000 students in digital marketing and business.

Cattaruzzi also added, “We remain fundamentally optimistic about the future of this region, and we’re confident that by working together with local partners, we can boost recovery and build on the rapid acceleration of tech adoption we’ve seen during the crisis.

”Google has also stressed that the tech giant aims to assist over 1 million people and businesses across the MENA region in helping to elevate their businesses and skills by next year. 

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