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Regional Stylists Spin Back Body Positivity With My Fat Lady

She’s never looked so good!

The body positivity movement has gained a lot of traction in recent years, with movers and shakers doing their bit to celebrate the female form. Seven of the region’s most renowned stylists can now be added to the list of the latest influential figures highlighting the beauty of rounder figures. In a move to promote body positivity, they have waved their magic touch and styled My Fat Lady, the plus sized character created by Lebanese artist Ghida Younes "as a tribute to roundness and women in all shapes and sizes," according to "Marie Claire Arabia." With their incomparable flair for fashion and the right attitude from the warm and joyous My Fat Lady, who feels confident enough to wear anything she feels good in, the results are simply fabulous.


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Saudi content creator, fashion director and stylist Norah AlEisa is one of the fashion-savvy whizzes who has given My Fat Lady a makeover. Some of AlEisa’s latest projects include styling HRH Lamia Princess Lamia Bint Majed Saud AlSaud with Chaumet and a September cover shoot, both celebrating National Day. Lebanese Jony Matta Ghorayeb, who has clients like Nadine Nassib Njeim and Maguy Bou Ghosn, works with top magazines and is involved in campaigns for major brands, including Yeprem jewellery, is also one of the stylists involved.


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Singled out to dress the hosts and stars on MBC, from Najwa Karam to Aline Watfa, fellow Lebanese Cedric Haddad, has also picked out some autumn/winter staples to dress the fearless, light-spirited and self-indulgent woman. Along with Haddad, who is also a personal shopper and can be found on fashion shoots or helping A-listers like Stephanie Saliba and Raya Abirached get red carpet ready, is the Doha and Paris-based fashion stylist, visual storyteller and creative director behind Style & Co (stylendo), Emna Hedi.

Dubai-based stylist and fashion coordinator Osama Chabbi, the Tunisian-French mastermind behind the wardrobes of regional fashion influencers like Hala Abdallah and campaigns with big labels like Amina Muaddi and Bulgari, also pitched in for the good cause. Additionally, Danah Garii and Yasmine Eissa one of Eygpt’s most in-demand stylists, helped to vamp up My Fat Lady’s seasonal look. Eissa, who loves to support regional designers, has styled celebrities like Dorra Zarrouk, Rym Saidi and Salma Abu Deif.


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About My Fat Lady
My Fat Lady emerged in 2013, during Lebanese artist Ghada Younes’s personal experience with weight loss. As a food lover who was used to being on the chubby side, the self-taught artist felt apprehensive about losing her identity. For Younes, who has worked in education and advertising and created and produced her own TV show, coming up with the watercolour series was as a kind of therapy. 


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Younes has described the sensual and humorous My Fat Lady as her alter ego. The colourful character with generous rolls of flesh indulges from time to time but doesn’t feel guilty. She loves to have fun, has a great appetite for life and according to Younes, "celebrates her body in every pose."

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