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Saudi Airlines Use UV Light To Disinfect Airplanes

The technology also detects Covid-19.

Saudia airlines is using advanced ultraviolet-C (UVC) rays technology to sterilize its aircraft. In a bid to safeguard passengers’ health and to minimize the risk of infection, the airlines company is using UVC ultraviolet rays to sterilize its aircraft seats in line with Saudi Company for Ground Services.

“This addition is a further step in the comprehensive aircraft sterilization process before and after each flight,” Saudia airlines said on its website.

The Kingdom’s national airline carrier’s latest tech works wonders! All it takes is a ten minutes for the rays to sterilize cabin surfaces for medium-sized cabin.

Several studies have proved that 99.9% of coronaviruses can be killed when exposed to UVC radiation.

According to Arab News, Saudia said that the UVC device “combines efficiency and speed of completion, which is a step in a series of sterilization operations that Saudi Arabia to secure the highest safety standards,” Saudi Press Agency reported.

The Kingdom has lifted restrictions on international flight operations last month after the travel ban started on March 15. The Kingdom will end all restrictions on air, land and sea transport after Jan. 1 next year.

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