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Feel-Good Special: The Faces Beauty Campaign

Faces wants you to celebrate your reality and all the beautiful moments of everyday life.

Faces has always looked out for women and celebrated their beauty. Now, the go-to beauty-destination has a new manifesto that represents our diverse stories and identities too. The newest campaign by one of the leading beauty retailers in the Middle East features and celebrates “real” women in an effort to help us achieve our personal beauty potential. 

Called “Real Beauty,” the campaign that encourages all women to embrace their looks, is changing the language of beauty standards. By refusing to impose industry rules, identities, perceptions or any exclusionary mentalities on beauty lovers, Faces is making it clear beauty is for everyone.


Une publication partagée par Dana Al-Najjar (@dananajjar) le

The company that makes it possible for women in the region to shop the top cosmetics and wellness brands from around the world has chosen “the real faces, real beauty, and real women from all over the region” to communicate the message that all women are beautiful.


Une publication partagée par Karen Ammouneh (@karenammouneh) le


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Click through to meet the muses, Hanin, Dana, Sham, Karen, Basma and sisters Zeyaanah and Junaynah, and see what beauty means to them.

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