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Discover Saudi Arabia's Incredible Al-Hada Bird Park

There are many reasons to visit Al-Hada in Taif region. A mountain resort city, Al-Hada means “tranquility” in English and it’s easy to see why. It is home to top-notch hotels, fun theme parks, great weather, stunning nature, and a delightful bird sanctuary named after the city, located in Al-Wadi Al-Akhdhar (Green Valley) of Al-Hada. 


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Al Hada Bird Park, which is spread over an 800-square-meter location, is home to 23 types of birds from all over the world, many of which are talking types, making them a main attraction for visitors. It houses parrots such as the African grey, macaws, cockatoos, peacocks, canaries, budgies, kotare (kingfisher), and many other kinds of birds that are allowed to fly freely around the space, or sometimes perched on banana trees and other plants.  


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Step into the park and you will be surrounded by beautiful sights and sounds. The space is brimming with nature, all kinds of greenery, and beautifully painted walls, and the air carries the singing of 400 or so birds, many of which will even allow you to pet them, sitting on your arm or shoulder, getting up close and personal.  


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For a little break from the brightly colored scene and green space, Al-Hada Bird Park offers tables and seating in its pergola covered garden, where you can have a cold drink or warm beverage, and the park also offers other entertainment and recreational facilities. To catch a glimpse of the feathered residents of this one-of-a-kind park, visit the park’s Instagram page (@bird__park).  

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