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Pink Month Initiatives Kick Off In Saudi Arabia

Breast cancer is the leading cause of death of Saudi women

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During the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month (or Pink Month), many awareness initiatives in the Kingdom have taken place to encourage women to get early mammogram screenings. If you're not familiar, early screening is the only means to detect the disease in its early stages, with a recovery rate of more than 95%. One in eight women are prone to get breast cancer and so, women at 40 and older are urged to get an early screening every 1 or two years.

In a bid to promote the safety and health of citizens, Al-Qurayyat Health Affairs launched an awareness campaign urging women across Saudi Arabia to go ahead with getting tested for breast cancer.

The Zahra Breast Cancer Association also kickstarted its annual national breast cancer awareness campaign in the capital. Riyadh governor Prince Faisal bin Bandar and Zahra president Princess Haifa bint Faisal bin Abdul Aziz inaugurated the campaign called “Al-Afu wal Afiyah”, which will carry out social media and e-marketing messaging.

Their Pink Month awareness campaign focuses on correcting misconceptions on this type of cancer, the role of the environment on well-being, promoting a healthy lifestyle, the importance of testing, etc.

The renowned Saudi Association is also organizing crucial online conversations with both women undergoing treatement and survivors. The Civil Society Communication Group Forum (C20) of the G20 Summit on Wednesday, Oct. 7 will be hosting Zahra Breast Cancer Association to tackle support of cancer survivors and the best ways to enhance their role in society.

Stay tuned for more this month!

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