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Check Out The Louvre Abu Dhabi’s Online Exhibit

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many art galleries and museums have taken their collections online, allowing enthusiasts to discover artefacts and collections from anywhere in the world.

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This summer, the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s teams have curated a collection to be experienced virtually on the museum’s website. 120 important artefacts have been uploaded onto the website, and the project has been led by Faten Rochdy, the head of the resource center unit. Speaking about the collection to Arab News, Rochdy said, “Sharing and promoting the collection online has always been part of our vision and strategy. Having the collection online gives viewers a sneak peek into what they will expect to see at the museum.” 


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The Louvre Abu Dhabi is working towards making around 600 of their artefacts and pieces of art accessible online for digital viewing by the end of this year. Faten Rochdy added that these online collections will be available on the long-term. Each piece that is exhibited online also has an in-depth description and information about its origins and is available to view in French, Arabic and English. 


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The 120 artefacts that have been uploaded to the site’s online art collection feature sculptures and paintings by some renowned artists including the likes of Bellini and Rembrandt. There are also historic and religious artefacts from Japan, Pakistan, Iraq and Syria, as well as contemporary art by Saudi artist Maha Malluh, Paul Klee, and Jenny Holzer.  


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Rochdy told Arab News, “It’s a mirror of the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s narrative, representing all civilizations and many geographical areas through different periods of time across the four wings of the museum.” 

She also added, “We are still working on enriching the data. For example, we are working on artist biographies and implementing tools, filters, and hyperlinks to make data searchable and interoperable.” 


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The Louvre Abu Dhabi has reopened its doors since the previous lockdown but has allowed in limited visitors who are required to maintain social distancing and must wear their masks at all times.  

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