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4 Successful Saudi Women In Fashion

The low-down on some of the Kingdom’s top fashion lovin’ women…

We’re seeing more and more powerful women join the mushrooming Saudi fashion scene. Here, we have hand-picked four of some of the most influential fashion lovers in the Kingdom. They’re killing it and paving the way for an industry that’s truly becoming for women, by women.

Whether an up-and-coming model or a Paris Fashion Week participant, these women’s accomplishments are truly noteworthy.

Honayda Serafi  

Via "Special Arabia"

Fashion designer Honayda Serafi is always looking for strong-willed women to inspire her designs, like Berber ruler Queen Dihya for her autumn 2020 collection. Subsequently, the King Abdulaziz University graduate, who went on to study at Parsons Paris, hopes to empower women through her modest and chic pieces. 


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Since starting her eponymous label in 2017, Honayda, who is also known for her philanthropic work, has garnered a number of celebrity clients including Priyanka Chopra, Gigi Hadid and Lupita Nyong'o. However, the designer with strong family links to the art world never forgets about her regional fans. She regularly includes her homeland’s traditional garments in her collections, giving them a standout modern twist (think kaftan jumpsuit). 

Daneh Buahmad  

While luxurious fabrics and subtle hints to her heritage are a permanent feauture in Daneh Buahmad’s collections, there’s no doubt the elegant pieces are effortless and contemporary. The Dubai-based designer, who launched Daneh Design in 2011, is known for combining opposing materials in one look to blur the line between day and evening wear. 


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“There is a power to effortless dressing that transcends time,” the designer says on her label’s website. “I’m interested in how clothes can make women feel good, and I’m constantly searching for that link in my design process” she adds. Her signature ‘thobe’ jumpsuit is one of the beautifully made pieces that has appealed to all kinds of women.

Rawan Kattoa

Based between Saudi Arabia and Europe, stylist and fashion consultant Rawan Kattoa works with and backs local and international brands, especially emerging ones, via her styling platform. Rawan, a vintage aficionado who turns to art and culture for inspiration, has a style that’s mostly simple and modest, yet happens to be uber cool and comes with gorgeous touches of creativity.  


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As well as editorial and personal styling, the tastemaker has spent a lot of time working on a series of Saudi youth initiatives. Through her work with young Saudis, she emboldens them to join the workforce, inspires them to achieve their goals and work on what they are passionate about.

Shihanah Al Akeel 

Via "Under The Abaya" 

There are only a few well-known Saudi models at present. And Shihanah Al Akeel, along with the likes of Shahad Salman and Taleedah Tamer, is one of the women breaking boundaries to make a name for herself in the industry. “Nothing could stop me from making time for what my heart desires most, and that is fashion,” the model states in the second edition of “Under The Abaya.” While paving the way for others to break into modelling, Shihanah has continued to be a role model for motivated and aspiring students. Making time to study has obviously been a priority for the rising star with honor student status.

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