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Explore The Breathtaking Mountains Of Tanomah In Saudi Arabia

Weekend is right around the corner!

If you’re looking for a bit of adventure and a stunning landscape to set up camp for the weekend, then get your gear ready and take a road trip towards the south west of Saudi Arabia, to the Asir region in search for the stunning mountains of Tanomah. Known for its mild to cold weather most months of the year, Tanomah is home to natural forests, juniper trees, green mountain slopes, waterfalls, ancient structures, and more.

When it comes to camping, Tanomah, which is located on the Sarawat mountain range in Asir, is a camper’s paradise. It offers grassy locations to pitch a tent for a few days, hang a hammock between beautiful trees, and cook food over an open fire and clear sky above. Around are incredible vistas to wake up to and trees that provide shade when the sun is high in the sky.  


Our climbing crag in Tanomah, Saudi Arabia

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All around are craggy reddish peaks, perfect for the avid climber. In fact, the area is known as the Kingdom’s first bolted climbing route. If climbing is not your thing, the nature around offers something for everyone. Hiking is perfect in this location with its winding paths and lush nature, and it is home to some of the rarest bird species, making it a favorite spot for bird watchers to flock to.

For the more urban of explorers, Tanomah is home to distinct stone houses and minarets, and has a cascading waterfall right in the middle of the city. Dining options are good, a highly recommended spot being the cozy Al Nakheel Restaurant, which is renowned for serving expertly grilled meats, and there is also Reef Tanomah, which offers a decent buffet.


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Close to Tanomah are also lovely towns and villages to visit, such as Al Namas, some 35 minutes away by car and home to the Namas Museum, the green Khazra valley, and Shaf Alwaleed park. Historical villages are also nearby such as Alnaih and Sidreed, and souks like the Tuesday Market.

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