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Chabi Nouri Ensures Piaget Is Retaining a Positive Focus

Thanks to her unique perspective, boundless energy and marketing expertise, Chabi Nouri became the first female CEO of a Richemont watch and jewellery brand.

Her recent promotion to Global Chief Executive of Piaget saw Chabi Nouri join the few other leading females breaking the glass ceiling in the luxury watch and jewellery industry. In this interview the Swiss national talks about her journey to get there and the need for women to believe in themselves. She also touches on focusing on Piaget’s “Sunny Side of Life” philosophy and boosting the charisma women are already endowed with.

Tell us about your journey at Piaget.
I first started working at Cartier 18 years ago. My curiosity led me to explore several positions within Cartier, from retail, to merchandising, to product line management. After leaving the brand for 6 years to explore the customer service field, I had an itch to go back to the world of watches and jewellery. The position at Piaget couldn’t have presented itself to me at a better time. Besides my admiration for its elegant designs, I had always loved the brand’s positive outlook on life. I couldn’t be more excited!

By keeping the Piaget identity, how did you manage to evolve the brand and what did you focus on?
The entire team agreed to focus on Piaget’s amazingly rich history. We decided to highlight the brand’s values and stylistic code and focus on its positive outlook on the world. Since the day it was founded during the war, Paiget’s motto has always been “Yes to Life”, and that is what inspired our “Sunny Side of Life” collection. The vibrant designs bring out women’s best features and exalt their charismas, and you can clearly see that in the collection. 

You mentioned that you worked in the customer service field for 6 years. How does Piaget maintain its customers’ loyalty to the brand?
The clients are not only loyal to the brand, but also to its values. It’s all a matter of authenticity. Being open and transparent with the customer goes a long way, and if you continue to give them the right experience, they will always come back.

Philippe Léopold-Metzger, Chabi Nouri, Piaget © Alex Stephen Teuscher

Who is the ‘Piaget woman’?
Piaget was the first jewellery brand to introduce the cuff watch, which represents strength – that is how we view the Piaget woman. She is confident, charismatic, and knows exactly what she wants. She is completely independent and wears Piaget as a means of self-expression. I also like to think that the Piaget woman has a playful side to her. She’s very positive and likes to add a twist of extravagance to her style while remaining true to her refined values and elegance.

The way you wear your jewellery is very unique. Tell us how you do it.
Obviously, I love stacking, stacking, and stacking, but there is a fine line between being elegant and being organized.

It’s all about women empowerment these days. Being a female CEO, how do you think women should empower each other?
I consider myself lucky to have lived and worked in an environment that appreciates women and doesn’t discriminate against them. But as a woman, I think it is important to understand other women. You also have to be confident and learn to trust yourself – that is the key to unlocking all roads to success. 

Arab women have always appreciated Piaget in the region. How does their perception of watches and jewellery play a role in the market?
First of all, I think that Middle Eastern women have a good eye for deciphering trends. They also have an immense appreciate for originality when it comes to jewellery, and that makes a big a difference in the market. It’s both interesting and exciting for us to launch new collections in the region because Arab women fully understand the brand and always offer us honest feedback. I’ve always loved being here. It’s a great environment.

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