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MDLBeast Releases Electronic Anthem For Saudi National Day

Some of Saudi’s top vocalists, producers and songwriters united for the soundtrack and repackaged Saudi culture and history into something fresh... Take a listen to the modern fusion of patriotic songs!

MDLBEAST has teamed up with some of the Kingdom’s rising talents for an exclusive soundtrack to celebrate the Kingdom’s National Day, which fell on September 23. The company, one of the leading Middle Eastern lifestyle and entertainment experiences brands, have joined forces with an all-star cast of vocalists, Lulwa Al Sharif, Sultan Alkhalid and Badr Hakeem, to release “Watani 90,” which translates to “Nation’s 90th.” 


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The united tribute to Saudi Arabia, which also includes the Kingdom’s men and women’s choirs, “draws on nostalgic elements that show people’s love for the land and its rich cultural history,” according to Ahmad Alammary (Baloo), MDLBEAST’s Chief Creative Officer.

He described the track as a blend of old lyrics coming from patriotic songs like “Fawq ham alsahb” and “Yaslamy ealaykum yal-Saudia” that has been reinterpreted with a fresh, modern sound. Alammary added MDLBEAST wanted to create a remix of cultures, and combining vocalists and producers from different fields and genres made that possible.


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Two versions of the track, the work of Saudi producers Ali Alsharif and Vinyl Mode, will be released. The accompanying music video, which is produced by up-and-coming Saudi art filmmaker Mohammed Hammad, is another creative effort worth checking out.  


Une publication partagée par @mdlbeast le

Additionally, MDLBEAST has started implementing its unique online music experience platform, Freqways, to take music aficionados on a virtual trip around some of the Kingdom’s amazing hotspots. Freqways performances are available on demand and listeners can tune in via the official website,  

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