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Yes Please! Haute Hijab Launches A Sustainable Sports Collection

What's more is that the fabric is made of coffee beans and... we're sold.

Haute Hijab has expanded its offerings this week by launching its very-first sustainable sports collection. In 2010, former civil rights attorney Melanie Elturk and her husband Ahmed Zedan set out to establish an e-commerce site and community resource that specializes in contemporary “modestwear” for Muslim women. A decade late, Haute Hijab is renowned across the globe for its various collections of headwear, spanning the most casual to the most luxurious and majestic.


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According to its website, this new collection aims to offer the more active of customers with more options in a market that has only just begun to cater to them. This new range called Haute Hijab Sport was created following extensive research and advanced design, fusing the need for high-performance, functional design into sleek silhouettes that don’t compromise aesthetic. The result: a perfect symbiosis between athletics, comfort, and beauty.  


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Haute Hijab’s athletic hijab collection uses a specific textile called S. Café, described as a revolutionary fabric that utilizes coffee beans “to create a fast-drying, odor-resistant textile proven in lab tests to lower skin temperature by 1-2° Celsius, with a cool, airy feel that’s weightless even through intense workouts.” 


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Amongst the collection’s key pieces are: the Criss Cross, a sleek, light pull-on hijab that is designed for high-intensity workouts and cool-downs alike; the FlexFit, another pull-on headscarf but one that comes with an adjustable cord that allows you to wear it comfortably in a style of your choosing; and the Tech Cap, described as an “ergonomically-designed cap that won’t budge.” 


Une publication partagée par Haute Hijab (@hautehijab) le

Speaking on the launch of the new collection, Elturk said, “When I look back on the biggest moments here at Haute Hijab, few come close to the feeling of elation I have today. This one is important. Not just because we're putting something functional and beautiful into the world, but because this one carries great weight. Weight from all those strong, trailblazing, fierce Muslim women upon whose shoulders we all stand. This is about our freedom. Our innate right to defy societal expectations and truly break barriers."  

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