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Saudi Designer Commemorates National Day With Heritage-Rich Fashion Show

Saudi’s first national dress fashion show highlighted the Kingdom’s diverse culture…

From dazzling fireworks to star-studded concerts across the Kingdom and the largest ever air show for National Day celebrations, the events commemorating Saudi Arabia’s 90th National Day were nothing short of spectacular. And along with the most memorable festivities to mark the unification of Saudi Arabia by King Abdul Aziz was a week-long fashion show staged by Omaima Kindassa, which was inspired by the traditions of the country’s diverse tribal communities.  


Une publication partagée par التراث -المعاصر (@omaima_kindassa) le

After kicking off on September 19, the Saudi fashion designer’s first of its kind event showcased national clothing from various regions around the Kingdom. The highly-anticipated show, which took place in the port city of Jeddah, aimed to familiarize the audience, particularly the country’s youth, with the traditional pieces worn around the Kingdom and its diverse heritage. By organizing the show, Kindassa, who has a passion for heritage costumes, hoped to foster and boost people’s attachment to their homeland.   


Une publication partagée par التراث -المعاصر (@omaima_kindassa) le


Une publication partagée par التراث -المعاصر (@omaima_kindassa) le

The first national dress fashion show held in the Kingdom featured customary dresses worn in the Najd, Medina and Al- Qassim regions. Online newspaper Al-Sabq reported Kindassa as saying crepe is widely used in the production of costumes in the Kingdom’s northern area. When it comes to the western part, highlights on garments include natural silk chiffon (raw) and the ancient Hejazi embroidery. The vibrant and rich dresses featured embroidery using materials like pearls, gold and coloured threads.  

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