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Why The Fenty Skin Start’r Set Is On Our Wishlists…

Fenty Skin is the clean, uncomplicated, effective skincare for everyone, helmed by brand CEO Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Each multitasking product is specifically designed to deliver a streamlined, approachable, value-packed regimen and work seamlessly with makeup on all skin tones – which is why we want it all and ASAP!

If you’re new to Fenty Skin, Rihanna’s 3-step starter routine for your best skin is now available in a must-have mini size set – for a limited time of course and likely expected to sell out! Starting September 23rd at 12AM EST, the Fenty Skin Start’r Set will be available exclusively on It’s the perfect fit for any vanity, shower shelf, or beauty bag and these three mini products are designed to work better together to give everyone better, brighter, glowing skin. 


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“I made this set so that people could get into the routine all at once. I really see the difference in my skin when I consistently use all three products together,” said brand founder, Rihanna. “But skincare is a personal commitment, so I wanted to do a mini version as an easy way for people to try it,” she continued.

The Start’r Set is a clinically proven 3-step system that brightens, refines pores, targets dark spots, and hydrates and protects skin; and this set of minis is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the ultimate daily skincare routine. 


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The products have been tested on all skin tones and types, and each one is a 2-in-1, multitasking skincare solution that is easy to use and packed with benefits. Inspired by Rihanna’s global lifestyle, she brings together ingredients from around the world and pairs them with skincare powerhouses – hyaluronic acid and niacinamide – for clinically proven, clean formulas that are also oil-free, vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.  


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Not only is RiRi conscious about what goes into her skin care, the packaging is also earth-conscious and the entire Start’r Set box is 100% recyclable.

The Fenty Skin Start’r Set ($40) will be available on for a limited time start-ing September 23, 2020 

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