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Qaraqir Valley, A Landscape Unlike Anywhere Else In Saudi Arabia 

Tucked between magnificent mountains that rise 1,750 meters into the sky is Saudi Arabia’s stunning Qaraqir Valley. Located south of Tabuk near a little village named Al Disah, Qaraqir Valley – known as Wadi Qaraqir in Arabic and also referred to as Wadi Dissah – is a 15-kilometer long canyon that runs through a sandstone massif of tall, remarkable formations.

Visitors from all over the Kingdom are drawn to this valley for its impressive mountains and ever-flowing stream of freshwater (known locally as “Eye of Zarqa”) that runs all the way into the Red Sea. Indeed, following the recent construction of two roads that lead to the valley’s entrance, more and more people now flock to the valley, which was for a long time not easily accessible. 

From avid hikers to families looking to spend the weekend in nature, Qaraqir Valley has something for everyone. Enter the valley and be greeted by 100-meter-high cliffs. Walk further in and you might come across mountain goats and seasonal waterfalls, and you will definitely be awestruck by an abundance of beautiful palm trees. The rock formations around the valley get higher and higher as you continue your journey in, some reaching 500 meters in height. 

To access Qaraqir, it is advisable to opt for an SUV and drive towards the valley’s entrance. From there, the beds of the river can be quite soft and blocked by trees, so it’s perfect to leave your vehicle and truly enjoy a walk in nature. For those who like to aim upwards, the valley offers great spots for climbers. For others who are more about relaxing and taking in the beauty of nature, Qaraqir Valley is a popular destination for camping under the starry night sky and enjoying the cool weather and fresh water.  

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