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6 Best Autumn 2020 Fragrances To Start Spritzing On Now

Autumn calls for a shift in fragrance, so here are some ideas to help you tune up your scent wardrobe.

With each blend of notes created to stir up a certain mood, scent connaisseurs believe there’s a special time and place for fragrances. With the kids back at school and cooler, crisper autumn weather on the horizon, it’s that time of year to start thinking of a perfume that’s in tune with the season. While we love those light, airy, citrus-forward summer fragrances, there’s also a lot to be said about cosy and comforting warmer, woody and spicy scents, with notes like creamy vanilla and tonka bean.

The great news is several of our picks strike a balance between fresh and complex, so you don’t have to completely bid adieu to beach days and balmy nights. Whether you’re looking for ultra-sophisticated and couture or something simpler, take a look at some of our favourites that ensure you’ll smell heavenly through the season.  For travel lovers, we’ve also got a scent inspired by Japan’s Hiba trees and lush temple moss gardens, as well as an olfactive ode that pays homage to Florence’s Cupola of Santa Maria Del Fiore in Florence.

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1. Aesop’s woody and pungent “Hwyl Eau de Parfum” opens with beguiling smoky notes, folding in aromatic spices and fresh thyme extract. As well as the addition of cypress in the warm and woody heart, the notes of vetiver extract, frankincense and moss give the scent an earthy sensuality and longevity.

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2. The oriental woody unisex fragrance “Cupola” by Salvatore Ferragamo  has fresh, subtle top notes like vivid tangerine and green angelica, immediately rounded with soft leathery saffron. These are joined by middle notes including earthy sophisticated orris, oilbanum and deep tones of labdanum clear. Then a resinous warm amber envelops the beauty of dark patchouli and smoky gaiac wood, considered sacred woods.

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3. Oriental, floral and woody, “L’Interdit Eau de Parfum Intense” is a deeper and darker version of Givenchy’s first bold fragrance. While the top note is black pepper, the middle notes are an addictive tuberose, orange blossom and the unexpected salty notes of toasted black sesame absolute. The woody base notes include the smoky, underground vetiver and patchouli, teamed with suave and intense Madagascar vanilla beans.

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4. Part of the “Parisienne” collection, “L’Initial,” an  oriental floral fragrance, is a reintroduction of Guerlain’s “Shalimar Parfum Initial,” so includes some signature bergamot as a top note, as well as orange and jasmine. Its heart opens with large doses of Turkish rose absolute and Pallida iris, another signature. Then there’s the full, soft and tender base with the third signature, rich vanilla, plus caramel, hints of almond and smooth tonka bean.

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5. Henry Jacques has introduced “Correspondance” as one of the new fragrances in its “Les Brumes” collection. The unisex oriental floral scent has rose damascenia, iris and hyacinth as top notes, while the middle notes are rose de mai, apricot and patchouli. In the base notes, vanilla and ambergris join a trail of agarwood (oud).

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6. Cartier’s “Pur Magnolia” is part of the first trio of “Les Épures de Parfum,” a new fragrance series celebrating "the original resonance and beauty of living nature." A bouquet of fragrant citrus and floral scented tones, it is fresh and refined, just like the maison’s jewellery designs. With magnolia featuring in the top notes, heart notes and base notes, it’s a light, uplifting and sensual scent.

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