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Debunking 3 Myths About Collagen

Get the facts about the fountain of youth right...

With age, a diminishing supply of collagen and HA causes the structure of the skin to weaken and lose volume, but collagen supplements can promote skin elasticity, help it look plump and keep fine lines at bay.

If you haven’t tried them already and seen the results for yourself, you’ve surely heard family members or friends singing collagen supplements’ praises. They seem to have this magical ability to keep skin looking younger and fight against premature signs of ageing when our body’s ability to make collagen sadly declines with age.   

However, there are some misconceptions about the extremely popular beauty must-have’s consumption and the ideal way to maintain a good level of collagen, which just happens to be the most plentiful and naturally occurring proteins present in the body. There are also some erroneous beliefs about how to encourage our bodies to produce it naturally.

Here is a roundup of the top three myths about collagen supplements and the real benefits of including an effective one in your lifestyle from the makers of Medcoll.  

1-Applying collagen creams and serums means increased collagen 
If you apply collagen topically to your skin, it will simply sit and coat the surface of the skin,which acts like a barrier and doesn’t let collagen in.  It is not able to penetrate the epidermis as the collagen molecule is far too large to do so. One thing it may do, however, is act as a humectant (prevents moisture loss from skin). 

2- Eating and drinking collagen means increased collagen
If you ingest collagen, whether via tablets, powders, shots or drinks, it will still be digested and excreted, and it certainly doesn’t circulate the body making new collagen. The body in essence breaks it down, as it does with all the protein you consume orally. That’s why taking a supplement that contains pre-cursors and potent ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C is the optimal way to encourage the body to produce collagen naturally. 

3- Collagen is only beneficial for skin  
Along with the amazing skin boosters, once you start taking a collagen supplement, you’ll also notice an improvement in other areas such as the quick recovery from injuries caused by exercising or intense physical performance. What’s more, there are those increased levels of collagen in your body that can improve calcium absorption, promote stronger bone density and reduce bone degradation.

About Medcoll 
Medcoll is a powerful anti-ageing supplement that consists of a certified patent complex which combines marine amino acid collagen pre-cursors that helps activate your body to create its own collagen. The potent supplement includes hyaluronic acid required by the body for the formation of collagen (collagen synthesis), and HA, along with a high load of anti-oxidants. It also contains a high dosage of vitamin C and helps protect collagen and elastin fibres from degradation and other potent anti-ageing natural compounds.

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