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Saudi Arabia To Lift Pandemic Travel Ban After January 1

Here’s what we know so far…

Saudi Arabia just announced the lifting of the coronavirus-related travel ban after January 1, 2021. According to the Saudi Press Agency, a source from the Ministry of Interior said that halting the ban entails the lifting of all restrictions on travel and reopening all means of transport through land, sea, and air. People under exceptional circumstances will be able to board international flights as of September 15.

Following stringent coronavirus precautions, the below changes will be effective in the coming year:
- Saudi Citizens will be able to leave the Kingdom and enter it 
- GCC citizens and visa holders will also be able to enter the Kingdom 
- An official plan will soon be announced to allow Umrah pilgrimage gradually

According to Arab News, "the specific date for the lifting of restrictions will be given 30 days before the end of the year and the health ministry may stipulate preventative measures on travelers and transport providers during travel and at airports, ports and stations."

Stay safe everyone!

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