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The French Girl Bob: The Statement Haircut For Autumn 2020

The cheekbone-brushing style is très chic and the perfect choice for a confident fresh start during what's been a trying year..

Audrey Toutou in "Amélie"

While New Year automatically comes to mind, for many the real inner renewal happens in September. And we can’t think of anything that constitutes a fresh start more than a snip (an especially good idea if you haven’t dealt with all those post-lockdown split ends yet.) If you’re tempted to throw caution to the wind with a hair chop, where better to start than the bob? Just like previous seasons, the effortless haircut with an undisputed timeless allure and ‘cool girl’ factor, which just happens to complement all styles, is big is autumn 2020. And it’s the French Girl bob that’s undoubtedly reigning.  Whether you prefer some choppiness to make it feel contemporary, want something for curly hair, like a smoother finish and curved inwards, or interested in a longer length or full fringe version, scroll for some inspiration.


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An extremely chic version of the classic ear-grazing hairstyle, the French Girl bob, also known as the 'supermodel bob', has a relaxed vibe, is low-key and intrinsically romantic. The fresh iteration allows creative leeway, with the most important factors to keep in mind being it should always have that light and airy quality, look innately cool and never overdone. While the original lands at the mouth line, just above the jaw, it also looks great when a bit longer, dipping down to the collarbone. The latter is a good option for those who don’t want a change that’s too dramatic. Plus, there are options when it comes to the fringe, including a straight, brow-skimming one, a side part or even forgoing it completely.  


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Une publication partagée par Erickson A, (@erickinvisible) le

What’s more, with the nonchalant style naturally taking care of things, the French Girl bob is gloriously low maintenance. From going for an appealing wet look to gunning for a dry, messy texture, it hardly requires any styling.


Une publication partagée par Erickson A, (@erickinvisible) le  

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